What we do

Supporting new investment plans, reconstruction, overhaul, outages:

  • Inspection activities for end customers – in the manufacture of individual parts of energy units (boilers) at the manufacturer‘s premises
  • Installation inspection and supply review of individual components, boilers, primary and, if necessary, secondary distributions – on-site installations
  • Acting as an independent arbiter between suppliers, integrators, project managers and end user

Special services generating added value for clients:

  • Increase in production hours
  • Reduction in internal human resources expenses
  • Reduction in incident and accident damages
  • Effective decisions during new equipments procurement

Performance of complex activities related to non-destructive testing of components, semi-finished products, and other materials.
Application of the following NDT methods:

Standard NDT:

  • radiographic – RT
  • ultrasonic – UT
  • magnetic particle – MT
  • capillary (liquid penetration) – PT
  • visual – VT (direct, indirect endoscopy)
  • leak testing – LT
  • wall thickness measurement – UTT
  • hardness measurement – HT
  • ovality measurement – OT
  • material analysis – MPI
  • stiloscope tests

Special NDT tests and testing techniques:

  • defectoskopic tests for welding courses
  • working tests
  • measurement of corrosion weight loss

Services provided mainly in the following activities:

  • Inspections during outages, reconstructions and regular maintenance of energy units in:
    • boiler and heating plants,
    • product pipelines,
    • other technical installations.
  • Comprehensive inspection through outsourced activities related to test and maintenance of the production, supply and distribution of media, and product pipeline malfunction.
  • Inspection of product pipeline corrosion weight loss and wear.
  • Design and implementation of new diagnostic systems.
  • Material management.